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Who Is
Shepherd's Valley Homestead


We are John, Kimberley and David Sherwood. We started our journey of homesteading 10 years ago when we packed it all in and moved across the country to the middle of no where after having lived in Ontario Canada.  Started our journey in Northern Alberta Canada but now live in Northern British Columbia Canada.

We primarily raise sheep for meat and wool production. I (Kimberley) would love to have a few milking sheep so I can make cheese from it. That is one thing I miss from my home province. We also have ducks, chickens, as you can see a heifer, and dogs. We also have a market garden on our homestead that we have opened up to share with locals if they wish to purchase a Farm box subscription. 


What else do we do?

Sewing picture.jpg

Aside from all the Homesteading stuff we also have a YouTube channel that we started in May of 2021to document our journey. In the winter season we homeschool our son and I (Kimberley) also have a sewing business where I make clothing for people and make quilts. John works for the road maintenance company as a truck driver. And David our son is 14 yrs old and just trying to learn what it is he wants to do. But we all work on the homestead and make all the pieces fit and run.

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