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About Shepherd’s Valley Homestead

Who are we?

We are John, Kimberley and David Sherwood. We moved from Ontario Canada 9 years ago to live in the western part of Canada. Started off in 2012 in Alberta but then moved to Northern BC in 2018.

What do we do?

We homestead in the mountains. We grow food the old fashioned way. We raise sheep, ducks and chickens. We have a garden with plans to expand it so we can offer CSA to our community. John works away from home during the week. Kimberley stays home to look after the house, farm and homeschool.

Our farm vision:

To use regenerative agriculture to restore the land that grows the plants and livestock that feeds our bodies and feeds our soul.

We want to educate people about regenerative agriculture and the best practice in natural farming.

We used pasture based farming to raise chickens (eggs and meat), ducks (eggs and meat), sheep (meat and wool) and Back to Eden permaculture gardening to grow great tasting food. In 2022 we will offer a farm share box where people who are wanting naturally raised food can order a weekly box of produce and other farm goodies. Also in 2022 we want to start offering a farm to table dinning experience where people can come for a fee to experience the farm first hand and see where their food comes from and learn how to take what is grown on the farm and turn it into a fantastic meal.

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