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B-ewe-tifully crazy!!!!

We started counting down the days way back in February when we "thought" our ewes were going to lamb. Our first babies came to us in the earlier hours of March 6th. By our ewe who is the daughter of one of our last ewe lambs born to our old farm in Alberta. When we moved to BC 4 years ago it killed me to send off my babies. Our flock was just starting to thrive and we were finally seeing good lambing seasons. Our last year in Alberta we had 22 babies born to 10 ewes. I sold 19 ewes to a ranch that was expanding. Sold our rams to friends and shipped the rest off to market.

We moved with the intent to get back into sheep once we found a farm where we could raise them. It took three years but here we are... Sheep farming again. When we were ready to buy I was able to contact the farm that bought our girls. So May 2021 we went to visit and pick up our new flock with a few old flock genetics mixed in. To say I am happy with that choice is an extreme understatement. Having the sheep back in my life has helped to give me routine that was lacking.

All our new ewes have started to become Mama's, Going into this we knew we were taking a gamble. Many first time moms get a little nuts and tend to forget they have a baby. But so far out of the ones who have lambed we have had excellent mothering skills and haven't lost any. So far 14 ewes have lambed and we have 20 babies running around bouncing on everything and just filling our lives with laughter.

I was asked if we were keeping all the girls to expand. As much as I would love to keep all the girls back I know I can't but we are keeping a few. The rest will be sold. This season has been great for us. Yah has blessed us with a great flock and healthy lambs. Our young LGD is learning to guard them. She still has the tendency to go all crazy and hyper and that freaks the lambs out. We also can't trust her to stay in the pen so she gets a special necklace when she's out with them. She will be 2 in October and we are looking to let her have a litter of her own babies to help with that motherly instinct and hopefully calm her down.

But for now, that is all I have to say. Well.... there is a lot of others things I could talk about ( the world craziness, Food shortages, inflation, the end of the age) but this isn't the post for that. Maybe I will touch on the subject in a blog to come. But friends.... if you are worried about what is happening, instead of being fearful and hiding. Stand up and get working to prepare yourself and your household for the things to come.

XOXO Kimberley

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