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Back to life after Sukkot

This past week my husband, son and I joined 3 other families in camping in the wilderness for Sukkot. It was a wonderful time of fellowship. There were games for the kids. The one that I think everyone enjoyed the most was Drone Chase. The kids also set up a basic training style obstacle course. And you know what I really didn't take any photos while away. I was to busy being present.

Now we had a lot of food. Our families favorite breakfast while camping in Hobo Hash. You can find the "recipe" on the website. We also ate stew, campfire baked oatmeal bake, lamb burgers, salmon and a big highlight was the Mount Sinai of Nachos that all 4 families contributed to. With some clever macgyver-ing (if you're from the 80's era you know who MacGyver is) of one of the Dad's. We had some amazingly melty cheese nachos with beef, beans, and tomatoes.

Now we are back home and I miss my friends dearly.

There is just something that feeds my soul to be with my sisters in Yah.

Anyways the garlic is planted now and the garden is almost ready to be covered in it's winter blanket. But I am not ready for that yet. I have been enjoying the warmish weather we have been blessed with.

Until Next Time...



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