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Devastation in the garden

This last month been a rough go for us in the homestead garden. We had such cold temperatures in May and into June and so much rain that we were delayed by almost 3 weeks getting our garden planted. Our amazing CSA folks have been very understanding. Thank you.

This past weekend while my son and I were away at 4-H there was destruction. So much so that we will not be able to recover from this in order to fulfill our CSA contracts. I have cried many tears over this as it was our first year to run something like this. I feel as though I have been defeated in the realm of gardening. We will be very lucky to get a harvest of anything for ourselves besides potatoes. Those are in abundance and didn't get damaged.

I truly love my sheep, but it is moments like this that make me want to load them all on a truck and ship them off. But despite those moments they are beautiful creatures and a joy to have and be around. I just wish they would stop being ding dongs.

The other event that has happened, is the farm we have been renting and had a contract with has been placed up for sale. Since this is our first year in operation there is no way we can purchase the farm for the asking price. So we are praying that Yah(God) shows us a clear path for the future. The farm hasn't sold yet and we are not sure when it will or if it will. With the world being so crazy right now no one is buying anything. So please if you are a praying person keep our homestead in your prayers.

We are due to harvest some of the Meat birds this weekend. is it strange that I am looking forward to that? I mean I don't enjoy taking a life of anything. But to know that there is fresh naturally raised meat to eat is rewarding.

Speaking of rewarding.... My son got Grand Champion Senior Showmanship and Grand Champion Ewe Lamb at his 4-H Achievement Day.

Anyways... enough bad news for one week. I hope I will have some better news for you nest week.

Kimberley XOXO

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