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Farm Box and CSA- What are they?

Today we opened our sign up for our 2022 Farm Box. But I wanted to give you a little more information on what that means.

Farm Box or CSA what is the right term?

Well they are both right. Some farmers only deal in vegetables and fruit during the growing season. While other like us have chosen to do produce and other farm products (like eggs, jams, bread and meat sales).

What does CSA mean??

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, this means that the community buys a "share" in the farm for that growing season. The farm then takes the money that the community invests in their operation and uses that to produce healthy, nutrient rich food for the "members". What is even better is that you are supporting a Local farmer. You cut out the middle man and the 1,000's of miles your food has to travel before getting to the grocery store and then to your table.

Why we are doing a Farm box?

Simply to be a source for fresh, nutritious food for our local community. We have the space to set up a really good garden. We feel that the less people have to travel for their food or their food has to travel to them the better. We also believe that it is part of our Purpose with Shepherd's Valley Homestead to support our community. With the situation of the world right now it will only be a matter of time before the supply chain of fruit and vegetables gets slow or non existent. We see offering a Farm Box to our local residents as an answer to the slow supply chain.

What's in our Farm Box?

Our farm box will have between 6-10 different veggies, eggs from our chickens, a loaf of homemade bread, cookies and recipes that will help you to cook the food you get. If there are allergies please let us know. Diary free and gluten free are no problem around here.

When does it run?

Our box will be available weekly from July 1st to Sept 30 2022. They will be available for pick up at the farm (Thursday evenings) or at the local farmer's market (Friday afternoons)

So now that you know a little more about what a Farm Box/ CSA is I hope you will reach out to your local CSA farmers and start helping them to feed you. It truly is a win-win situation, you help the farmer by investing in them and supporting them, and they in turn deliver top quality food for you to feed your family.

WAIT!!! You didn't say how to reserve our spot with you??

If you are local to the Burns Lake- Grassy Plains area and you want to join our Farm Box for 2022. Just click this link "Farm Box Sign Up" and you will be taken to a form to fill out and we will contact you to welcome you to the farm. We have limited spaces for this year so hurry to sign up soon.

As always.. Thank you for being here and reading our posts. Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. There is lots of great things in store for 2022 on the farm.

Kimberley XOXO

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