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Fashion Blog #1 - What is a Capsule??

Hi everyone! Today's Blog is a little different. Well okay it's a lot different then my normal content. I have been doing research for the up coming year and learning about capsule wardrobes. What are they? When did they become a thing? Are they affordable?

Capsule Wardrobe What is it?

Simply put a capsule wardrobe consists of a few essential base layers that are built upon as the seasons change. it is usually a collection of tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, shoes and accessories that easily mix and match and be dressed up or down.

Is this a new concept?

The capsule wardrobe has actually been a thing since the 1930's in the sewing world. But I'm sure it dates back to the 1700 or even 1800's. But since sewing patterns started to become more readily available to the home sewist in the 1930's it is most noted at this time.

the 1940's the Australian Women's Weekly publication shared what they call the Economy wardrobe.

The 1950's and 60's is where patterns with multiple options really started to became popular. the 50's have what you call play suits. they were a dress or skirt that fit over top a pair of pants or shorts. The 60's were the start of the multi pattern in one envelope. Where you could get a dress, skirt, top, pants, shorts, jackets etc. all in one that were able to wear together or separate.

The 1970's exploded with McCall's, Butterick and Simplicity all making patterns that gave you a wide selection of styles. Maxi dresses and skirts, High waisted flare legged pants, Mid length dresses and shorts, blouses and jackets. It was also in the late 1960's that the sizing on patterns changed. But that is a topic for another day.

Is a capsule wardrobe really economical?

There are lots of ways you can acquire the capsule wardrobe. You can sew it yourself, you can buy items either brand new or thrifted. Or you can have it custom made for you. Each of these options has it's pros and cons.

Sew it yourself : You can buy the fabric you like and find a pattern you like and sew your own clothes. This is the option I am going with for myself since I've been sewing for 40ish years.

Buy it brand new: This one can be costly if you have to pay full price for a lot of your items.

Thrifted: This is my favorite option. You can find a lot of really good cloths at the thrift store and give them a new home.

Custom Made: Think tailors. This could end up being the most expensive way to get your capsule wardrobe. But it is the colors you want, the styles you want. You work along side your seamstress to create a uniquely you wardrobe.

Season's matter!!

So you want to have a capsule wardrobe of pieces you love. You have to think about your climate as well. Someone who lives in a place that doesn't get snow or cold temperatures is going wear different clothing then someone who has 6 months of winter every year. Your lifestyle also plays a huge roll in what your wardrobe will look like. If you work in an office Monday to Friday then you will need different cloths then the stay at home mama with kiddos and a farm to look after. Comfort and ease of care are key as well. you don't want to invest in something you are afraid to wear because you can't wash it. Always check the labels on clothing for care instructions. If your clothing is being custom made the person sewing the clothes will send you the care instructions with the garments.

My closing thoughts....

So how do I feel about the capsule wardrobe? I love the idea behind it and it would mean I would have a closet full of clothes I actually wear. As time goes on you can replace worn out items as needed or mend the ones you just have to keep. It is an investment in yourself to buy clothing that you love and feel god about wearing. In the long run it is the most economical way of doing a wardrobe.

Talk soon Kimberley XOXO

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