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Getting ready for winter

I know Autumn hasn’t officially started yet but here in the North it’s been cool and damp for a few months and it has given us the urge to get ready for the long winter ahead. You see where we live we get snow and sometimes lots and lots of it. So we have been busy getting firewood for the house and making sure the feed is here for the sheep, chickens and ducks for winter.

Now I am not normally one who loves winter. I am not particularly fond of crazy cold, wet feet and hands. But this year I have made the choice to embrace what the winter can give me. After all I live on a farm with lots of room to cross country ski, snow shoe and toboggan down the hills.

Picture from Last winter

John getting some trees cut for firewood.

So while it is still somewhat warm we are working hard to get things done for winter. I am also getting some recipes tested and hope to share those on here soon.

Signing off for now, Kimberley

#firewood #Homesteading

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