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hello November

October is done and we are heading into November. It's back to school for D and back into a rhythm now that winter shift is starting. My husband works for Highways plowing snow. So he works all night and sleeps most of the day.

Chores still need to be done before breakfast. That doesn't change from season to season. The amount of chores being done does. In winter it's make sure waters are full, grain is topped up for the birda and the hay is out for the sheep and cow. Eggs get checked on more frequently due to freezing temps. And waters broken free as they crust over. But overall chores are light in winter.

I welcome this season with it's crisp air. I am setting a goal for myself to find the beauty in the space around me. I tend to develop the winter blues once the ground gets it blanket of white and things seem to stop. This year I want to find the joy in the mundane.

School is officially starting this month. So getting back to a schedule and routine will be good. Getting back to sewing and crocheting will be great as well. Wool hats anyone!

This month I will be posting a blog a day. I have so many things I want to share so I'm making a list and planning it out. I will send out a weekly recap email on Fridays. So if you're not already subscribed to the newsletter what are you waiting for?

Talk soon.


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