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How is it May already??

Oh, Friends... How did the time slip away so fast? It was just April 1st and then BAM! We're in May.

Things are a flurry of activity on the homestead. The lambs that were born in February and March are growing well. We haven't had the chance to weigh everyone yet but I'm willing to guess we have a few 60+ pounders out there. The sheep were shorn last Thursday. They look a lot cooler than they did beforehand. We were pleasantly surprised by one mama. She had lost her baby in late October or November so we didn't think she would have babies this year. As she was being shorn I was surprised to see her have a very blossomed udder and then promptly had twins on May 1st.

Now we are waiting on Midge to calve and Nahla to have her puppies. We have also started seeds for the garden and are getting the yard cleaned up after winter. John is on a different shift now that the winter shift is done. It's nice to have him home every evening. There is a list of projects miles long that we want to get done so it's nice that he's home while we still have daylight to do them. David has been picking up odds jobs around the area with neighbours. The kid is on a mission to save enough money through his jobs so that he can buy himself a car. How is that even possible?? He was just a toddler. I digress. As the weather gets warmer I'm sure I'll be spending lots of time in the garden.

With all the lambs growing and soon hopefully out on the grass. We are taking names for our waitlist of lamb for your freezer. We have around 20 lambs available this year. They are $8/lb cut and wrapped in a government-inspected facility. So sign up for our waitlist and make sure you don't miss out on the grass-finished lamb this year.

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