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It has begun

We've been impatiently waiting for our ewes to have their babies. I don't know how many bumps and bums I've looked at while waiting.

We had our first ewe lamb on the 6th of March. It was not someone we thought would be first. It was Cadence our ewe that is the daughter from one of our last ewes born to us when we lived in Alberta. The farm we bought our sheep from last May was the same farm that bought our flock from us when we moved to BC 4 years ago. So it is a bit of a sentimental moment. She had twin girls although they look nothing alike. Mama is a Suffolk cross and pretty sure Daddy is the Rideau Arcott we have.

So happy to have babies bouncing around. You need to be sure to follow us on Instagram and You Tube. I am sharing a lot on those platforms. Working on daily vlogs for You Tube as long as we have babies to film.

Also on Instagram and Facebook we are running a contest to see who can guess the date as to when Leah or Apple jack will lamb. We've been watching those two the closest and they still haven't had their babies.

To enter look for the post with the above graphic. It should be pinned to the top.

Also I made 2 little dresses for some special little girls we know. When I'm not busy with the lambs, I'm usually sewing something or baking something. I even had time this past week to alter my bib overalls to fit me not a giant. This is something I struggle with daily as being only 5'3" tall.

That's all for now friends.

Kimberley XOXO

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