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It's almost lambing time

On our farm we raise sheep. Last October our 2 rams were introduced to our ewes. The end result was to have lots of bouncing babies this spring.

We are now sitting at 3 weeks pre lambing, well at least that is what the calendar says anyways. It could be a slow trickle or it could be a full on mob. So how are we getting ready to welcome these little ones? Links provided are through our affiliate program on Amazon.

Lambing supplies to have on hand

  • Warming box for lambs ( I use a heat pad in blankets)

  • Colostrum feeding tube & large syringe

  • Nipples and bottles

  • Scour solution

  • Towels, old ones for drying off lambs

  • Powdered Colostrum

  • Gloves, sleeve length & short OB gloves

  • Powdered milk replacer

  • Lamb Woolovers ( these can be made from old sweaters where you cut the arms off)

  • Lubricant

  • Lamb sling, if you’ve ever carried a cold wet newborn lamb to its pen, you probably will want to use one of these forever after. You can also use a laundry basket.

  • Prolapse retainers & harness & a big bag of white sugar - the sugar will take the swelling out of the prolapse

  • Ear tags and Pliers - you must have the new CCIA tags for when you ship animals, you may also want a different tag for on farm ID.

But most of all we're making sure the mom's are happy and healthy. Normally we would shear at 6 weeks prior lambing but we didn't have the chance to nor the desire to when it was -30 something Celsius. So we will shear this week. The ewes go into the barn at night so are protected and can huddle up together. We would leave them but they are all very woolly as they weren't shorn in the fall. So it is now, they should have enough growth back that it won't matter to much. On our You Tube channel we are getting ready to do March Madness. This is kind of like vlogmas but during lambing time for us. So be sure you get subscribed to our channel to get your daily dose of lambs.

Well that's it for now... I'll be back On Friday with another blog after we get some of the girls shorn.

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