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It's been busy around here

Hi Friends,

Thank you for coming to the blog today. May has been super busy around here and it's not stopping anytime soon.

Midge our first time freshener had her calf on the 8th. She had a heifer calf and both are doing very well. We have started to work at milking to get her used to it. She isn't an actual dairy cow. She is Angus x Shorthorn. Her baby Lulu looks just like mama.

So our adventure has begun with the beef/dairy. I'm still pretty timid around Midge so Hubby does the milking for now. He is such an amazing man.

We've been working at getting the sheep trained again to the electric fence. It's a little funny when the lambs first encounter the zap. They quickly learn to avoid it. We were able to put them out on pasture May 16. Almost two weeks earlier then last year. But it's been unseasonably warm this month.

On the 14th Nahla had a litter of puppies. She has 7 little rolly Polly babies she is caring for. She is doing great with them. They will be ready to go to new homes sometime in August. She had 4 boys and three girls. So if you're in the market for an LGD let us know.

We are also hard at work getting the garden in this year. We're preparing the fences to keep the sheep, dogs, chickens and ducks out. I for one do not want a repeat of last year.

Well that is all for now. The potatoes are boiling and I need to get the table set for supper. Have a good evening friends.



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