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It's Springtime - Kinda...

February was unseasonably nice and the first part of March was a tease. Now we've had some pretty cool days and freezing nights. It is the middle of April and I think the weather cycle lost the memo that it is spring.

The ponds are still mostly frozen over, the ground is pretty much impossible to penetrate with the shovel. The frost is still coming and going from the roadways and driveways. But still we press on. We keep planning and praying. The grass is still brown and slumbering from it's nap. The sun comes out in the day and tries to warm the earth and wake it up, but it still slumbers. Pretty soon though the sun will get strong and the earth will wake and come a live. New leaves will sprawl across the barren branches of the birch tree in our front yard. The raspberries will come alive with leaves and flowers and then fruit. But everything in it's own time.

This week for our family we are observing the feast of unleavened bread. During this week we do not consume bread made from yeast or sourdough starter. Leading up to this week we are to remove the leaven out of our homes. So it is a nice deep cleaning for Spring. But the physical is just a picture of what we are supposed to do with our lives. We are to examine our lives and our hearts. What do we put ahead of our Messiah? Do I have any issues with my family in Messiah or my earthly family? What do I need to let go of? The week is a week of reflection and conviction.

So while I watch my seeds start to sprout and stretch their leaves to the light and shoot their roots deep into the soil beneath. I try to take a note from them... are my roots digging deep into the word of the most High God? Are my hands stretched outward to my family and my community in love? Am I showing my husband and my son the love and respect they desire and deserve? These are things that we are to be doing everyday according to the plan but do we as the human race actually stop to think of someone other then ourselves for any length of time?

That is a very sobering thought isn't it? But it is one nobody likes to ask. Do I care more about myself then those around me? Who gets the leftovers? Who gets the firsts?

I will sign off with this..... I am a daughter of the Most High God and He is the one I answer to. I strive to live my life the way He lays out in His word. Everyday I am reminded that HE is my shepherd, HE directs my path, I know HIS voice, Just as my sheep in my barnyard know my voice when I come out to them and call for them. They all come running excited to see me (although it usually means they're being fed). Do I have the same excitement for my Heavenly Father when I read HIS words written for me?

How can I pray for you friend? Please leave me a comment or message me in the inbox and let me know how I can pray for you.

xoxo Kimberley

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