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Living with LGD's

Meet Nahla and Dolly. To look at them you would think they were either mother and daughter or at least sisters. Well they aren't related as far as we know. But they are our working team. They are Great Pyrenees and I couldn't imagine having my animals with out them.

Nahla turns 2 on Saturday and she has grown into an amazing dog. She loves her people as we are her main pack. We got her before we got animals. Many people say that we have ruined her because she likes to be with us when we are outside. She does love to be with us but when Dolly the older dog goes taring off across the pasture after something you can bet we are left in the dust.

We have had a issue with them roaming away from the farm and visiting neighbours a few times. Once they were locked up for a while they decided that staying close to home was the better option. Although I think they still wander every now and then. But they are usually home waiting for dinner and for breakfast.

Right now we have Nahla confined to the front yard as she is cycling and we don't need her finding her own boyfriend and us ending up with puppies just yet. That is something we would like to do, but want it to be on our terms and with a male that matches her breed.

Last week though the girls got tangled up with a porcupine during their night shift of patrolling the farm. It was so bad we ended up rushing them to the vet to have them removed. Poor Dolly had quills all the way to her tonsils. Nahla had a bunch on her nose and in her gums. But our Dolly had the worst of it.



It was a long day for them and it was a nerve wracking day for me. Neither of these dogs are used to being in a vehicle. We ended up with all three dogs in the truck with us. Our other dog is a Lab cross and he comes in at night so didn't get hurt, but he made sure we didn't take his friends in the truck without him.

The girls have healed okay. Dolly has had lots of love and soft food for a week now to help her throat heal. She is very happy to back out looking after the sheep and chasing things away. Here's hoping they will stay away from walking pincushions now.

Until next time:



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