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Recap of the week

This week on the homestead was busy. Sunday we spent the morning cutting firewood then finished harvesting our potatoes.

We had four 75 foot rows and ended up with close to 400 pounds of potatoes. Good thing we like potatoes in this house.

Tuesday we woke up to a layer of snow on the ground. As you can see our one LGD was not impressed. But the snow was gone by suppertime.


With the cooler weather I pulled out a crochet project that I had started last year and got working on it again. It’s a hat made with Highland wool. I just love the colour.

We also let the boys (our rams) out with the girls. If everything goes according to plan we will have babies the end of February to the beginning of March. I’m not gonna lie I am so excited to have babies on the homestead.

Sheep eating grain.

Today is Friday October 8th and this is also our preparation day for our weekly Sabbath. On Saturday as a family we don’t work. That means because I am a homemaker I don’t have to cook. I make everything the day before. Some weeks Sabbath shows up and life has gotten in the way. But then there are weeks where I wish Sabbath would be longer and I am so at peace with everything. I think I’ll do a whole separate blog post about why my family believes like we do.

But for now I leave you with our Menorah and twinkle lights glowing.

Peace to you and your family, Kimberley 💕

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