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The Journey begins....

Good Morning Friends,

The house is looking a bit more closed up as D and I are working on getting things packed up to move. We will hopefully pick up the RV in the next couple of days. We'll be storing most of our things because we just can't fit a house in an RV. So I have been pouring myself over blogs and YouTube videos of how to store things in RVs to maximize the space. It is crazy just how many different things people do.

A lot of the things are listed for sale that way we don't have to store them and risk them getting wrecked. So if you're in the market for a sofa, love seat, beds shoot me a message if you are local to us.

Speaking of selling things....

The puppies really need to find forever homes. They are 12 weeks old now and eat a lot. I need to get some new pictures of them. They are fun to have around but man they just really need to go.

So when we pick up the RV I will do a quick little tour of it on our YouTube channel. We will be reviving our channel over the winter and we will hopefully be sharing our journey with you as we live tiny.

Until next time... Yah Bless You!!


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