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The sun is finally here!!

The above Picture is David with his 4-H Market Lamb Storm. Our Achievement Day is July 9th at Eagle Creek fairgrounds in Burns Lake starting at 9am. If you're local please come out and support our kids. The livestock auction will be held at 5PM with a dinner to follow.

It has been a pretty slow start to spring and summer around these parts of Northern BC. We are just now staying above freezing overnight. It has been a super long time coming. Our pasture took so long to revive after winter. It's still struggling in some areas and in other areas it is growing like crazy but we can't graze the sheep there because well Fences...

If you have any type of livestock I know you will relate. Just when you get one fence fixed up and take that sigh of relief the animals go and find a new hole or other part of the fence that they can magically pass right through. It can feel like a never ending roller coaster ride. We are currently in that phase of homesteading this year. With a lot more mouths to feed the pasture that once sustained everyone last year is getting tore up pretty bad. We are doing our best to rotationally graze the sheep but every few days they test us and the fences again. They seem to like certain areas on the farm more then others. The other thing we've noticed is that when we are having people over to visit the sheep seem to behave and stay where they are told. HAHA.

The project of the week has been to get the garden ready to put everything that is sitting in the front porch in the ground so I can start more seeds for succession planting. Running a market garden takes loads of planning and working long hours but the pay off is the fact that we can share fresh, good for you food to our community.

The next BIG project is getting the chicken tractor built and ready to go for moving the broilers around on pasture. Now that they are old enough to get out on grass they are on their way. We are going to be running the broilers over in a section that we want to turn into an orchard. So they will help with the grass and also help with fertilizing the ground. Be sure to look at our YouTube channel for our build of Joel Salatin's Chicken tractor with a few modifications.

Keep your eyes on this space for some exciting updates that are happening. John and I are super excited about what we have in store for the farm. It's going to be big and we will need our communities support to see it come to life.

Kimberley XOXO

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