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Time for Goodbyes

Well Friends,

When we moved into this farm almost three years ago we had dreams. We thought we had a plan in place to purchase the farm. We invested a lot of time and money into getting the farm ready for sheep, chickens, and ducks. We spent hours working on a business plan that would be a good fit for this property. We truly thought that this was the place that Yah had for us.

Sadly, we are now faced with finding a new place to live because the property owners wanted to increase our rent over the legal rate. Now since they can't pay their rent they are forcing us out. We are faced with downsizing the sheep flock because there is no hay. We now have two months to find a new place to live and put our animals we are keeping.

We are putting all our trust and hope in Yahs hands. This is so hard for me as I am a fixer by nature. I feel like I need to be doing something. But I have faith that he will provide. I do have a strange peace right now that there is something better. The only downfall we have now is that we don't have an actual down payment. We will need to find someone who is willing to rent to us and allow us to rebuild our down payment.

We truly love the community we are living in. John has a pretty dependable job working for the highways department. But we will go where Yah leads. We say goodbye to one chapter as it closes, but look with hope and anticipation at the new chapter about to unfold.

Until next time.


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