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What's a mama to do?

Today is Monday. We had a good weekend as a family. Saturday we got together with some friends. It's starting to be much like winter around here. The snow was blowing and falling. We got home and I went over to the barn to do my nightly head count of the sheep. All I could hear is this horrible crying of a kitten from inside the barn. I can't climb the ladder to the hay loft so I had to come in and get my son.

All three of us went out to the barn and my husband climbed up and retrieved two kittens. They are weaned and the friendliest little kittens that our mama cat has ever had.

The temperatures were set to drop over the next few days. So I did what any human being with a heart would do. I brought them inside. Now I am not a cat person and I am also allergic to cats. So that's a dilemma.

As you can see they are adorable. They appear to be about 5-6 weeks old so they are weaned. They have been proper little house guests and are very quiet. I could not fathom taking them back outside with the temperatures hovering around -20 C with the wind-chill. Cat person or not they were way to young to be outside in those temps even if they were up in the hay loft in the hay of the barn.

The first night they were so cold and scared that they barely moved in the tote we put them in.

My son has stepped right up to tend to these little fluff balls, which is great because mama has been taking allergy precautions. If I handle one of them it is straight to wash my hands before anything else. D made them a contained space in the living room. The puppy play yard we have has been getting a lot of use. He even got them a litter box to use. He is determined to have them as house cats. I know they need to go back outside and honestly I need them to go back outside for my health.

This is D with the kittens all having a nap on the sofa. So what is a mama to do? He's been doing a pretty great job with them so far. He's keeping them clean, fed and happy. Oh and he's named them Pearl and Opal. So there's that too. The temperatures are supposed to get to more seasonable temps by the weekend. So I'm hoping he will let them go back to the barn to live and he can look after them there. They seem to be attached to him so that is a good thing, even if they do live in the barn they will know he means food.

What would you do in this situation?? Let me know.

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