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Hi Friends,

It has been a while since I could sit down and write on these pages. We have had our share of challenges for sure. We have had some pretty big plans and dreams shattered over the last 8 months. I have sat here trying to come up with the words to write. I've spent the last 8 months praying for a way to write this so it doesn't sound whiny.

8 months ago the people who own the land we rent and farm on listed the property for sale. When John and I moved here in November 2020 we did so under what we thought was a contract for us to rent to own for 4-5 years. That way we could build up the farm and start having some income coming from the farm to help pay for the farm. In May 2021 we bought our flock of sheep and moved them to the farm. In October 2021 the sheep were bred to lamb in Spring 2022. Our sheep lambed in March of 2022. Our flock was growing and we were plugging along making plans for the next steps. In June 2022 the landowners informed us they were putting the property on the market unless we could find a way to purchase it.

We went to the bank, and because we have not been operating as a farm for more than 2 years, they could not help us. Even though our business plan is solid, they would easily move forward if we had the time under our belts. We then turned to FCC (Farm Credit Canada) they were willing to help us and we figured out an amount we could afford based solely on John's off-farm income. So with those numbers in hand, we sat down with the landowners and presented them with what we had.

221 days ago the for sale sign went up at the end of the driveway. 221 days ago our dreams of turning this place into something got shattered. For 221 days I have walked out the door to go look after my sheep flock not knowing if I will be able to keep them. For 221 days I have been asking God for direction. Where do we go from here? How can we move forward with what we feel called to do when the place we were planning to do it on could be sold in an instant? Leaving us with very little time to figure out what to do with the animals and find another place. We have been looking at places but so far everything we have looked at has sold within 2 days of our looking.

Every time a door closes we take that as a sign from God to just hold still and wait on him. I used to make very rash decisions about things. A situation like this would have me all upset and reactive. But I'm not with this. I truly feel that this is the place God wants us. This is the place where we will do big things and show His love for people. Others see our waiting as being foolish, I call it wise. People see us moving forward with our flock saying it's risky, I call it trusting in a bigger plan.

I have spent many times over the last 221 days crying, yelling, and surrendering to God. He alone will open the doors that need to be opened. He alone will change the hearts that need to be changed. It is my job to wait for him to tell me to move. So far he hasn't told me that. So we move forward with lambing and growing our flocks of birds and sheep. We move forward with growing a garden to feed our family. We move forward with life and trust in God to pave the path for us.

I would love for you to join us on this journey where ever it may take us. Please consider joining our mailing list.

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