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What the future holds

Hi friends,

We have one more month left on this farm. We still are not sure where we will go for sure. But there are a few options. So keep praying for us to get something secure soon.

The sheep we are selling are heading out in a couple weeks. Our cow and her calf are currently at a friends. The ducks and some chickens will be processed for the freezer. We'll be building a small insulated portable shed for the chickens so we can still have eggs. We need to find a dog run for our dogs so they have a safe place to be. We also need to find homes for the 7 puppies before we go.

It grieves my heart to be leaving this place. But Yah has something better in store for us. We just need to trust him. I thank Him everyday that he gave us this farm to start to dream again. But friends this is such an uncertain time that I am honestly beginning to feel as though he is protecting us. If we would have have been able to buy this farm when we gave our offer I'm afraid we would've ended up so far in debt that we wouldn't get out.

Hundreds of thousands dollars in debt is not where we want to be during this time. We're not sure where we'll end up. We are praying that it is still on the Southside as this feels like home to us and where we need to be. All I can think of is Job and how everything was taken from him yet he was still obedient to Yah. He still put his trust in the most high and continued to praise him.

Please keep us in your prayers friends. Yahweh is so good and he will put us where he needs us to be. Even if we end up selling all the animals. We will trust his plan.

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