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What!!! The shed did what now?

We started off our week like any other. Had a beautiful meal on Sunday for supper. Then the wind picked up through the night.

Monday morning my son and I went to do chores and all seemed fine. We were getting wind gusts of up to 80km/hr. But so far everything was staying put and the trees by the house were still standing.

John got up and we had lunch then he was heading off to town. That's when things took a turn. He was checking his tires on his truck and decided he better top them up. So he parked at the shop door. Had a heck of a time propping the doors open because the wind kept trying to push them closed.

The sheep came out of no where and were huddled around him. He got his tires aired up and the sheep out of the shop and the doors closed when it happened. The machine shed got picked up and dropped 5 and half feet from where it stood. Then he heard an awlful creak and the top folded over. No one was around it thank goodness. But we now have a huge mess to clean up.

We will be salvaging what we can to reuse in various ways. One of which will be siding the winter chicken coop. That way the girls can move out of the barn. As currently they are cooped (haha) up and not able to free range. But we've had to do what we could for now. We prefer all our animals to be able to free range. It makes them happy and healthy. But right now with Winter looming things are tightening up and being more secure. They have to because next week our new addition will be coming home. And I really don't want to be chasing her around.

Thanks for reading friends. If you want to get a peek into our everyday life then head on over to YouTube and be sure to subscribe to both the channel and our site. I've got some awesome ideas coming up for vlogs and newsletters.

Talk soon,


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