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What to do on a snowy winter day

It's January and we have snow and quite a bit of it and it's cold. The last part of December was unseasonably colder then normal. We have been going through the wood that we stacked up a little faster then we would like. But we are making it work.

I've been feeling the blahs of winter creeping in. Now, normally I don't have an issue with the long dark days. But this year it is different. There is so many projects that we need to accomplish for the farm that it is becoming a little overwhelming. The list is growing more each day. The first things that need to get done are the lambing jug panels. We have 18 ewes due at the end of February and we need them ready. Honestly I'm nervous that the cold weather will stay and we might have issues lambing. Trying so hard not to dwell on that to much.

I have started sewing again and working on a king size quilt. I am sharing the process on YouTube and will be sharing more Handi-Crafts as the season progresses. John and I are eager to get our membership launched and start helping other people learn how to homestead and become more self sufficient. We are currently working on a challenge with our friends at Three Rivers Homestead. We have committed to buy groceries once a month, eat out only every couple months, bake all our own bread, and use what we have before replacing it.

We're still getting the logistics of the Loft hammered out and are set to launch on January 17th. So look for more info on that to come.

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