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When things go wrong

Loss of any type on the farm is hard. During morning chores today my son and I found one of sweetest most gentlest ewes with what looked to be afterbirth hanging out. She was due in about 7 - 8 weeks. The lamb or fetus at this stage was no where to be found. I'm thinking our LGD's may have eaten it. So the ewe is now in the barn in isolation for around 30 days.

Do I know what happened? Nope. Without a fetus or deformed lamb it's hard to figure out. The afterbirth looks normal and healthy. All I can think is she got hit in the side by another sheep. So I will need to keep close watch on everyone now. The other thing that concerns me is that she isn't sunk in like she would be having just lambed. So I need to try and do an internal exam. That is what i will hopefully be able to do here in a few minutes.

This is the first time ever for us to have this happen. And reading articles and books about the causes are just making me super concerned that the rest of my flock could end up like this. I pray they don't but they could.

So for now I tend to my ewe in the barn and give her the best care I can. I change paddocks up for winter feeding again and keep watch on all the ewes and my LGD's.

Winters are tough enough without strange things happening in the middle of it.

to stay in the loop of how this ewe is doing please consider following me on Instagram as i post a lot of life stuff on there that I don't share here.

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