About me


Hi There!! welcome to my little corner of the internet. My name is Kimberley.

I am a wife, mama, homemaker, homesteader and shepherdess.


Together with my husband(John) and son(David) we live in Northern British Columbia Canada. On these pages you will find my Tales From the Homestead Blog, and Shepherd's Valley Favorite recipes.  I hope you will grab yourself a coffee and pull up a chair and stay a while.

So what does our homestead look like? Well I'm the primary homesteader as my husband works away from home for the highways department. So I look after a flock of 27 sheep, 17 laying chickens, a small flock of Pekin ducks, 6 barn cats, 2 LGD's and a black lab. My son helps out with chores and wherever else he needs to.  

Some history about me:

I grew up in the city so this lifestyle is only 10 years old. I have worked many jobs and my favorite was in the hospitality industry as a sous chef.  I went to school for culinary arts and absolutely love cooking from scratch.  I have a slight cookbook addiction I think I own close to 100 LOL. The older the book the better.  I have also sewn since I was 6 so that about 40 years now. 

The purpose of Shepherd's Valley Homestead is to help educate people on living the homesteading lifestyle. I have a deep passion for cooking real food and want to share that love and knowledge with others.  I also have a deep passion for sharing my faith and you will find that from time to time as well shared on the Blog.  Be sure to join the mailing the list to get our weekly newsletter with the weeks highlights. And if you're over on the gram, Instagram that is, Look me up as I share a lot on there as well.